Leadership Florida Programs

Florida has experienced one of the greatest economic and population growths of any state in the nation. Our state faces many challenges, but we are blessed with at least as many opportunities. What we do with those opportunities will define Florida in the 21st century.

To progress with strength, we must develop a common vision and a statewide commitment to excellence. Since its founding in 1982 by the Florida Chamber, Leadership Florida has provided a non-partisan, non-parochial perspective about statewide topics of concern and opportunities while encouraging interaction among the state's leadership.


The bedrock of Leadership Florida is the Cornerstone Class Program. Each year, Florida's finest leaders are selected to participate in an ten-month curriculum, meeting in six different Florida cities. Participants are chosen for their abilities, passion about our state, and commitment to help make great things happen for Florida.

The more than 1000 graduates of Leadership Florida are men and women who serve as chief executive officers of Florida's top corporations, mayors of major cities, executives of pivotal non-profit groups, and leading academicians. They are also farmers, managers of high tech consortiums, rural hospital administrators, and directors of Florida's largest agencies. They own small businesses and are law enforcement officers in cities throughout the state. Their commitment to local and state community is witnessed through their collective service on more than 5,000 boards of companies and organizations around the state. More


Multiplying the individual talents and energies of Leadership Florida's members by the force of their collective commitment to the state creates a powerful resource for Florida. Exponentially, this is expanded by sharing our message with hundreds of other leaders every year through the Leadership Florida Institute.

Although leadership programs exist in many other states, none rivals Leadership Florida's ambitious offerings for multiple levels of leadership, providing such meaningful programs as:

Leadership Florida Connect
Leadership Florida Education
Leadership Florida Executive
Florida League of Mayors
Leadership Congress
Sunshine State Survey
Faces of Florida
Before You Vote: Debates among Candidates for :

  • Governor 
  • U.S. Senate 
  • President of the United States of America

These programs are designed to enhance the leadership skills required in a multicultural state while stimulating inquiry and analysis and development of solutions for the public interest.

All of the programs of the Leadership Florida Statewide Community Foundation, Inc., utilize renowned leaders and leadership skills lectures, combined with panel discussions with local government, business and education leaders on topics that often bring philosophical adversaries together for lively debates.